travel risk assesement with nemer haddad

Pre-planning issues

• Travel arrangements to and from destination.
• Additional insurance requirements, if required.
• Record of next of kin contact details.
• Authorisation of business mobile phone for overseas use

Health issues

• Provision of first aid kit.
• Vaccination requirements and advice.
• Verification of pre-existing medical conditions.
• Provision for disabled access, if required.

Environmental issues

• Consideration of climate, such as intense sun or desert, extreme cold or
likelihood of monsoon.
• Potential for natural disasters such as volcano, earthquake, avalanche.
• Identification of potentially venomous animals and insects.
• Discussion of existing or possible allergies.
• Understanding of hydration, drinkable water and basic food hygiene
Equipment issues

• Assessment and maintenance, as required, of equipment.
• Confirmation that equipment is compatible for use at destination.
Transport issues

• Awareness of local road regulations, particularly if driving.
• Confirmation of valid driving licence and insurance.
• Understanding of health issues related to long haul travel, such as DVT,

jetlag and tiredness.
• Discussion of luggage restrictions, including prohibited items and weight
• Identification of emergency contact details and local procedures to
contact the emergency services.
Task related issues

• Classification of risk associated with task.
• Identification of language or communication issues.

Security issues

• Discussion of lone working policy.
• Transportation of valuable items and cash


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